That‘s what I like about Lotus Foundations

Last week we (finally!) found a CMS system, that seem to fit our needs. Concrete5 is almost perfect for people like us, who hate to fiddle around with websites. Together with Lotus Foundations it is a perfect match.

  1. Create a team
  2. Copy the files for concrete5 in the WWW folder of the team
  3. Add a virtual web server

That‘s it. 3 Minutes of work. Most of it sipping tea while copying.

Unfortunately IBM just does not get the grips, how to bring Lotus Foundations to the market.

2 Gedanken zu „That‘s what I like about Lotus Foundations“

  1. But not without creating a MySQL database first. Registering a admin user and so on…
    I think it would take a few more steps on any other OS.

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