Impressed by LS 2011? Nope, not really

I just watched the Opening Session of LS 11 and since I am a real fan of Notes I expected something incredible. Unfortunately, they talked more about social analytics and other stuff I don’t really get, that I was a bit bored after a while. Notes Next may be a nice new client, but I doubt it. The screen wasn’t very good, though.
I just hoped for more. For the SMB market this is too heavy to digest. It is neither easy to set up nor easy to maintain and not enough out of the box stuff.

I am going to get the beta. That’s for sure. I hope the darn thing convinces me of a good future.

The real funny part was, when Sandy Carter talked about marketing.

Concrats to the winners. Good Job.

3 Gedanken zu „Impressed by LS 2011? Nope, not really“

  1. I agree. I thought the OGS totally sucked. There was lots of hoopla going into this years Lotusphere… so this is a big disappointment. Talk is cheap.

  2. Social Collaboration.. YAWN! I really think that this stuff has been pushed way too far now.

    Frankly, people have to use computers for work not just drag-n-drop a facebook profile into their corporate environment. There is so much work needed to optimise the designer, and improve the tooling so we can build engaging and rich applications. I think IBM knows they are beaten in this area, so are taking the easier route on pushing email (mobile or otherwise), and cloud infrastructure. Lotus Notes use to be exciting.

    It’s starting to look more like circus tricks now. Ah well, it’s not something I should be surprised about given the trends.

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