The limits of social Websites…

I just looked at my profile in LinkedIn and realised, that whatever search algorithm they are using, it is pretty much useless.

On the right side, you get that little window with groups I may like. That is rather hilarious.

I got: Car Wash Owners & Operators – Does my car have a LinkedIn account and gives me hints about feeling neglected?

Women Business Owner – Sorry, I lack a qualification which I will not achieve in the near future.

Coin Laundry Association – What?

Did you know about those?

Fly Fishing with CEOs
This is an exclusive group of CEOs who enjoy fly fishing in world class fisheries.

Aha. These CEOs don’t want to mingle with lesser live forms. How silly is that. BTW I don’t fish. Never even tried it.

Or groups about self storage.

… and more. They are completely of. My profile is about flying and Notes&Domino. There are tons of possible groups about helicopters but I don’t get not one suggestion on five pages.


On the bottom is that part with my collegues from former companies I worked for. LinkedIn doesn’t even get the companies right. The name is right, but that’s about it. I don’t think they even got the correct country. I don’t remember any Indians working for my former employer. It believe it should be possible to link the name of the company and the country, or get the difference between flying and fly fishing, to get better results.
Can’t be that difficult, or is it?

I don’t know about Xing or FaceBook. Are they any better?


I just don’t like the look of most Open Source products!

I just finished to install the latest Ubuntu desktop beta and it is always the same. I don’t like the look. Fonts are too big and so on. The same goes for OO and Symphony and other products. I just don’t like the look of them. I don’t want to fiddle around with settings until it looks a bit better.
The darn things do not look a lot better then what run on Windows 3.


Mac is the best but it could be even better. Windows is better then all the Linux desktops I looked at.
Couldn’t somebody just take the time to build a real nice Linux desktop with some new ideas instead of adding features nobody needs?
If I could, I would. But until I get the grips how to do it, my design would be old again. Or probably not, since we haven’t made a lot of progress in the last twenty years in desktop design.

PS: I am a fan of Linux … as a server.

Imagine, if we had a real nasty virus!

I mean really bad. Something that kills the OS beyond repair and spreads everywhere without any chance to stop it. What would hurt us more, a Linux or a Windows virus?

I just finished an article for a SMB publication here in Switzerland about the importance of Linux and during the research I realised, that Linux is everywhere. Smart phones, switches, NAS, SAN and tons of other gadgets run on Linux. 90% of all Supercomputers use Linux and most virtualization platform’s, too. Android has the Linux 2.6 kernel and so on. For most database system Linux versions are available.

I think, that a Linux virus would hurt us much more, than a Windows Virus. There are replacement products for every Microsoft product, which would run on the same hardware, but not for Linux.

Steve Balmer once said, Linux is like cancer that spreads everywhere. He is probably right.

What do you think?

Tell me, which Linux products (or companies) do you know? I started the list:
Citrix (Xen Server)
Roland Keyboards
Bosch Car Entertainment
Airbus Inflight Entertainment






Notes on Mac … still not something I should have done.

Could somebody please explain that to me?
When I open a contact document in my CRM system by clicking on it, it takes about 10 seconds to open and another 2 to change it to edit mode.
If I open it with cmd-e, I get there within 2 seconds. Now that was on the mac. With windows 7 in Fusion, it takes about 5 seconds by clicking on it but it is not as fast as the mac, if I use the keyboard.
We are talking about the mac being faster with the key board then with the mouse and the mac is known as the machine for the mouse addicted. I would really like to know, where the big difference comes from, between using the keyboard and the mouse.