Apple Keynote – Those are the kind of things I like

It looks like not many of you have watched the Apple key note. The news were great, from my point of view.
I believe, that Apple got the mobile stuff right. Everybody else is going towards the browser, Apple is pushing the mobile devices and connecting them.
It fits my way to work. I want the mobile device to be mobile, not dependant from any Internet connection. If there is one, just update (replicate!) the stuff, if not, I want still to be able to work.
(BTW: Roaming is still extremely expensive here)
Browser applications may be good for the administrator and the costs, but are bad for me. I just can’t get the hang of them.
We had that for years with Notes. That is the one feature I like most in Notes. Many times at customer sites, I can’t use their network. Now Apple even takes the need for the server away. It just replicates, between all the devices I own. Now what about a company that wants to use iCloud? I don’t know, but I hope, that apple has a solution. iCloud on premises would be the thing. Since the replication mechanism is in the apps and Apple provides an API for this, it shouldn’t be a big problem.
And there was one thing Steve Jobs said: We got rid of the file system! There is no filesystem on iPad, iPhone and iPod.
Yessssssss! Finally! Hopefully I can use that on the Mac, too.
No need to save documents anymore. It’s about time.
Apple Mail is cool, too. It reminds me of NotesBuddy.
Now IBM. You know, I like Notes generally. You know there are things I don’t like about Notes. You had the technologie for years, why don’t you came up with a replication for Symphony?
Why isn’t there an easy and lightweight document management system for Symphony and Domino?
Why can’t I drag an address from my contacts or CRM in a Symphony document?
At least, IBM promised that several users can work simultaneously on the same document. The problem is, do I need that? Do I want my colleague Serge write here in my blog while I am writing?
I don’t think so.
… I could go on.
When I looked at the presentations from IBM the last few years, there where often integrations for decision makers, but not for the end user. Apple does stuff that really helps me working and being mobile.
And isn’t it completely stupid, to buy a whole PC with all bells and whistles just to use a browser?

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  1. Great post Christian. Agree 100%. Apple now gets replication technology in the way that we have in the Notes world for so long.

    Agree too on IBM’s lack of focus on the end user experience (except Mary Beth Raven’s work on improving the Notes experience), however that’s just the IBM way. They are a systems and middleware company, not one focused on the end user. The IT department is the customer, not the executive or professional. It’s a shame, but I’ve now come to terms with it – it’s not going to change…

    1. @ Stuart
      You know what is funny? IBM told us years ago, good applications are driven by end users needs. Ok, that’s common knowledge today and IT departments start to listen to their users. We know the results. I know I can’t change the way IBM is thinking. The problem is, I (and I am sure others will do that, too) will slowly move away. Since yesterday evening I am thinking, do I really still need Notes? Probably I keep it for my CRM, but as an email client? Nope! Calendar? Nope!
      I agree with IBM that social platforms will be the email of the future, but I think going through the browser is the wrong way. Apple is so much closer to the social-email-collaboration-whatever else-multi purpose client, than IBM and Microsoft. Why? It’s integrated in the OS. Is not something I have to install. It’s not something I have to learn. It’s not something I have to add to some other product (i.e. Traveller). It just works. It’s there. Take it or leave it.

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