Fun with customs

Yesterday I got a call from a supplier. He told me, that some hardware we ordered in Germany will arrive later then expected.
Customs wants the hardware to stay 24 hours at the manufactures site. What? It was build there and that took longer than a day anyway!
Since the handling agent did not give any more information, rumors began to spread.
I think, it was because of a possible Trojan horse. Within 24 hours the Greeks will be hungry and will give themselves up.
My ex girlfriend (AKA my wife) thinks, it’s quarantine. 24 hours should be enough to find out if it is virus infected.
It could be due to EHEC, but it isn’t an organic product, they certainly use chemical products to grow the chips. But the bugs could be infected, if they ate sprouts.
My partner thought it is a silly process implemented by the US headquarter of the handling agent, but since that would be real possibility, it was dismissed as not plausible, because customs logic and procedures have nothing to do with reality. And it’s not funny anyway.
Any other ideas?