Lion eats the Snow Leopard

I can’t believe it, but Lion is definitely better then Snow Leopard. It is possible, that it solved a few problems I had, I wasn’t aware of.
For example:
Finder is fast. It was extremely slow in Snow Leopard. It took about 10 seconds to build the list for „Programs“. This is a lot better then before. It takes probably a second now.
Notes seems to be a bit faster. Not a lot, but at least I can click that stupid „Notes is starting“ window away. Notes comes in the front, when I click on the icon and it stays in the back, when refreshing a view. Man, that was annoying.
Launchpad is cool.
Mission Control is a winner.
The new gestures come almost natural. I don’t have a lot of problems to scroll the other way. It is more natural, for sure.
The update process went flawlessly. Nothing to click, no questions to answer. Took about an hour.
Happy camper over here.

Who said Outlook is used by the majority of Email Users?

Today I got this link in the mail:

There is another one from 2009:

Even though I think this is fantastic news for Apple, it’s bad news for Micro$oft and IBM.
But lets look at it a bit closer. The disclaimer explains, how they count the clients; whenever a recipient opens a mail from Campaingmonitor and loads the images. Sounds logic, but I would almost never add to the statistic, because most of the time, I don’t load the pictures. How many out there do this? Don’t know, neither probably Campaignmonitor. But since most users don’t care about it, let’s assume the numbers show at least a tendency.
If we take the numbers, as they are, older Outlook clients are on a decline and Outlook 2010 isn’t adopted fast enough to make up for it. On the other hand, mobile device clients are soaring and Apple has the bulk of it. Also Apple Mail is gaining. Entourage isn’t a factor and so is Notes. When I look at it, something springs to mind. Not the big, feature loaded Clients are hot, no, easy ones, web mail, mobile mail clients with just the basic functionality (Hey IBM, how many times I told you that NotesBuddy was a cool Email Client? Now you see why). Most people don’t need all that fancy stuff. Apple Mail is gaining, from my point of view, a very basic email client … but it looks like people like exactly that.
I just happen to look my gmail account today – I haven’t for about 2 or 3 month – and there are so many new features, it just isn’t intuitive anymore. That could explain, why google mail isn’t as hot, as they make us believe. It isn’t a forerunner. Even yahoo has (still) more users.

At least, from now on, we all have an argument against the „All-have-Outlook-at-home“ mantra.

I know a way how IBM could sell lots more licenses in Switzerland.

How about getting a more realistic exchange rate? As fas as I know, IBM still uses 1.6 Swiss Francs to the Dollar. The Dollar down to 0.8. That’s a bit overdoing it, don’t you think?
IBM could lower the price at least by 30% and still have enough safety margin, should the Swiss Franc fall. That old exchange rate is not going to happen again.

Oh, and they should tell people about it. That would help.

I know, you get what you pay for …

For our little outing to France, I got NAV4D  for the iPad. They claim to support several languages. What they really should not do, is using Bubble Fish or something like that for the legal stuff. In German it reads like that:

Wichtig: Wenn eine Abnutzung Produkte der Navigation in ein Fahrzeug, Hardware oder Software, ist Ihre Verantwortung LAY und verwenden diese Produkte, damit es nicht die Ursache ein Unfall. Die Benutzung dieser Real Time Application Zielführung erfolgt auf Ihr eigenes Risiko. Standortdaten dürfen nicht präzise.

Complete and utter BS.

On the Bottom: „Nicht erneut Mostai“ – what the heck is Mostai?

When you search for a town, the menu for Town is: Türzahl – which means „number of doors“.

For „Settings“ they use „Wahlen“. Which means „Elections“. Ok, it did cost only 3 bucks for a month, but still.

BTW, I did not use it. The GPS never found out where it was. Therefore my unanimous judgement is: CRAP.

The best and the worst in France

My parents in law invited the whole family for a weekend to Crest in the department of Drome. A town I wouldn’t put on the list of the 100 must see towns in the world, but everything holds surprises. As always, family outings are mostly about good food and good wine. The first evening we ate reasonably well. The next day we visited Crest with the highest dungeon of France. In the evening, we went to the Pizzaria Di Angelo … If you ever happen to be in Crest, avoid this „restaurant“ at all cost. We were greeted with the information, that only half of the guests were allowed to eat a pizza, the others had to eat something else, otherwise we would no be served. Woha (brain to blood preassure – rise)! Finally we ordered only two pizzas. Me and my parents in law ordered Raviol – a local speciality, basically small raviolis – which came clearly from the micro wave. It was disgusting. What happened to the pride of France, the kitchen. I would be ashamed to serve food like that. The pizzas would be a reason for Italy to declare war. They put french Emmentaler (which is an insult to the Swiss) on it instead of mozzarella. Yucks.

The next day we went to Saoû. Now that was something else. We enjoied local specialities under the trees on the central square (if you need soft drinks, you are out of luck here, no Coke or anything like that … but the wine was incredible). Since every meal starts late and takes at least two to three hours, we skipped supper and went to a vocal jazz festival in Crest.

Monday was the absolute highlight for me. The town of Cliousclat is almost to nice to be true. If you like pottery, that would be haven. My haven was La Fontaine – It’s about as close you can get to the perfect french restaurant. I don’t mean the expensive places with Pierre as your waiter (who wants to know the first name of the waiter anyway). No, sitting in the street in the shade, talk to other guests, kids running around and everybody is just extremely friendly, because they like what they do. Regional and seasonal food (mostly), perfect wine. That’s life. If I ever happen to have a big company and need a new headquarter, I would go to a small french town like Cliousclat, just to get lunch every day in small restaurants. Who cares about free fruits, massage, gym or meeting rooms, designed to the latest scientific findings in face-to-face collaboration, if you just could meet somewhere in the shades of a nut tree to discuss the next project? Customers would always come back to me, just because of the food they get during meetings (and I truly hate this new mode of standing during lunch, „Stehlunch“ they call it in German. Horrible. Where will it end).

The only setback was the nuclear power station a few kilometers down the valley. That really spoiled the view. That should be reason enough for France to get out of nuclear power.

I think we should do the same thing somewhere in Italy. Could be fun, too.

I even had time (while driving the sleeping family back to the hotel – don’t volunteer to drive and do a good job) to muse about Notes. Where is that Beta for Vulcan? There aren’t any news since LS11. It’s Q3 already! I am really curious about it. It is a crossroad for me. Either it has the Wow factor or it’s time to move on. We are looking into Zimbra, too, which looks promising as a Domino replacement.

PS: Notice to IBM Suisse Romand or SNOUG SR. Where is the Connections Account you promised at Givaudan? I am waiting to get more into this social stuff.