Lion eats the Snow Leopard

I can’t believe it, but Lion is definitely better then Snow Leopard. It is possible, that it solved a few problems I had, I wasn’t aware of.
For example:
Finder is fast. It was extremely slow in Snow Leopard. It took about 10 seconds to build the list for „Programs“. This is a lot better then before. It takes probably a second now.
Notes seems to be a bit faster. Not a lot, but at least I can click that stupid „Notes is starting“ window away. Notes comes in the front, when I click on the icon and it stays in the back, when refreshing a view. Man, that was annoying.
Launchpad is cool.
Mission Control is a winner.
The new gestures come almost natural. I don’t have a lot of problems to scroll the other way. It is more natural, for sure.
The update process went flawlessly. Nothing to click, no questions to answer. Took about an hour.
Happy camper over here.