Trying to learn XPages … and fail … probably not?

First of all. Thank you for your comments (apart the ones from that very annoying spammer. Need Nike or Lacoste?), they are very encouraging.
It helps a lot, when things get recommended and what it showed again, Google is not always your friend. Several things did not show up in my searches or I did not find them, because they where too far down in the list.

XPages TV: I am watching the first two hours of if right now. This does help a lot. There are several information’s I did not get anywhere else, but are very important for me to understand the structure behind it.

TLCC: I am doing the free course right now and I will be in the webinar today. I did only realize that the webinar is the course, once the confirmation arrived. It will be interesting.

The books: Once through all that stuff I am doing now, I will probably buy the Mastering XPages Book.
As I mentioned before, I have downloaded the Redbook and I am not too happy with it.

Others: Sonia Malik from IBM promised to drop me a few things from Lotus Education in a DropBox. I am looking forward to this.

In the news: Nicklas Heidloff has updated the link for the Learning XPages blog of Declan.

Bruce Elgort asks, where my problems are: Wanna talk about it?
No seriously, when you start something new, the problem are the mountains of information you know are there, but you can’t see them through the fog. Everybody has to find his way of getting the right information absorbed to make it work.
I am a top down person. Which means I go from a big picture to the detail. Or in other words, I take things apart, to find out how they work (drove my parents crazy). The other half of the population is bottom up, which means they build things up from parts to the whole. Now I have to find a book/tutorial/webinar and so on, that is done top down. David Leedy looks like to be my kind of guy. His presentations made it much easier for me to connect the dots. But I can not tell you a specific problem right now. I have to wade through the mud by myself, until it becomes clearer.

Where I go from here? Continue the TTCL course. Looking through the NotesIn9 presentations and start the little private project I am carrying around in my head for the past few month.

If it works out, I keep you posted and thanks again. That’s the spirit of the yellow universe.


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  1. Glad to see you’re finding those resources useful. Keep in mind that, with the exception of the Mastering XPages book – since it was written by IBMers who are on the product development team for XPages, and therefore understand XPages better than anyone else – all those resources were created by people who learned XPages when those resources didn’t exist. So it’s possible to learn this stuff just by opening Designer and exploring… it’s just faster to let those who already did that tell you what they have discovered.

  2. Wow. Thanks for the kind words. I’m so glad that the NotesIn9 videos have been of some help to you!!!

    I’ve updated XPages.TV to link to almost all of them. Still a couple I need to add there.

    Remember – start small. Be careful if you try to pick an app apart. It’s easy to get lost in it. I have a demo app on that is basically very small isolated examples. So that might be easier to pick apart.

    If you really want something written.. before I started the videos I did a small unfinished series of posts called „Xpages In Pictures“ over at -> Look at the right side bar. Maybe that will help as well.

    Don’t forget the xpages forum and as well. Great resources.

    Best of luck!

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