Learning XPages … and getting back from the dead

One week passed since I started whining about the resources out there for learning XPages. Boy, that stirred something up. I got lots and lots of help and even IBM woke up.
Sonia Malik send me the whole course D8L55G. Everything! I could even set up the whole course room, servers, everything (except the software). And before you ask, I can not share it with you. For my eyes only. Every page has a water mark with my name. I feel bit flattered. How did that happen?

What is the plan?
I have watched a few videos on xpages.tv. Since David Leedy’s experience is similar to mine, I get along with his explanations quite well.

Next I am going to finish the free TLCC course, which is a very good start and then I am will do the D8L55G course or I just follow „The book“ which was so often recommended – Kindle Edition.

Right now, I can not recommend the easiest way to learn XPages by yourself. I would prefer a classroom course. I don’t like videos too much, but I go with it, if necessary.

I would not use the Redbook. It is too far behind by now. The example I tried, does not work anymore.

I will start this week to build my first XPage application. Let’s see how that works.


2 Gedanken zu „Learning XPages … and getting back from the dead“

  1. Christian,

    We are planning to do a live webcast of the XPages Workshop that we had at MWLUG 2011 with Mike McGarel and Roy Rumaner in October if that might help as part of MWLUG and GRANITE. We are still trying to arrange it.

  2. Christian,

    I know that videos are not everyones cup of tea for learning new things. But if there’s something I could improve in the NotesIn9 stuff I’d sure like to know. Also if you are looking for something specific as well let me know and I’ll see what I can do. You have my email.


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