iNotes on Safari … why can’t I use ultra lite?

In Safari on the Mac and iPad 2 (only on the 2 it seems), I only get iNotes full or lite. On the iPad that’s bad. My fingers are not small enough and I can’t open mails. I have to use the full mode, because I need the preview. Any idea how to get that fixed?

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  1. In most cases the Safari on iPad2 will be recognized as a standard and not as a mobile browser. Therefore you very often get the full page instead of the mobile one.

    You can define which device is mobile in the redirector settings on the server you want to access. Just try to add ipad2 here inj addition to iphone, ipad and android.

    Another option would be using/bookmarking the direct link to the Ultralight-UI

    Try one of these (I think both should work):

    Hope this helps

  2. The 8.5.2 iNotes redirect database recognized the iPad correctly. If not, you may change the browser recognition string in the setup to read „ipod,iphone,android,ipad“.

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