Learning XPages … got „The book“…

Ok, I got the book „Mastering XPages“ and it is pretty good. I got it from Amazon as a Kindle book. What puzzled me first, was the size of the font. All my IT-books are rather big and fat, good for throwing after lions and kill them instantly. It looks like this one is a small size paperback in real life. Wouldn’t kill my cat.

The Amazon price is slightly lower then the IBM Press price, but if you buy through IBM, you get a watermarked version of the EBook with your name in it. Makes it your personalized copy … mon oeil! Why don’t IBM tells us, that they don’t like it, when you copy your Ebook for your „friends“? That would be OK, no? If I wrote a book, I would not like that either.

I have registered my copy with IBM press to get the download-able extras. AFTER registering the book using the ISBN number, I got a 35% off coupon. Argh. Now I have to buy the next book, too.

Now, somebody with lower moralities then me, could find out, that he (or she) could register the ISBN at the IBM Press site, get the coupon and THEN buy the book from IBM Press for 35% less… personalized for you if you wish. But that would be unfair, wouldn’t it? IBM makes it extremely easy to cheat.

The Kindle for Mac, is lousy. It hangs once in a while. On the iPad it works pretty good.

I run the Designer in Windoof 7 in Fusion. It isn’t very stable. Once in a while, it crashes while saving. Fortunately after the saving.
If I click on web preview button, it opens the text editor. I have to click on Internet Explorer but the settings are correct. Any idea what causes this?

Now back to learning XPages. It starts to make fun.