Vulcan, iPad, Smartphone, Nav … Live is silly sometimes

I just read Peter Presnells post about Vulcan. If it is really just another „Plugin“ (or Extension or what ever they may call it) I am happy. I personally really struggle with all the different social tools and I am not using many of them. There was a time, when I just used the Notes client with Sametime and RSS. Somehow, I was happier then. It made it much easier to follow all the stuff I was interested in, but it was far from perfect, but it worked. Today I use Google+, Skype, Messages (since today), Notes, Apple Mail, Gmail, Gdocs … and whatever else comes up. Nothing integrates really. I could live with one client again (but it should work on the iPad, too. I tried IMAP with Notes on the iPad, that’s not very nice. It made a mess with messages already read or deleted).
I totaly agree with Peter, that this Vulcan thing should be made available for a wider audience. Make it cheap, not free, but cheap. Let it plug in to anything, like Exchange, Sharepoint, Connections, Skype, Domino, Google+ and what not. Let me tag stuff. Let me use tags from other people, too. Let me tag and make it available for others at the same time. Let me tag it and make it available to other applications at the same time (I suppose, that would be extremely easy with XPages technology). Tags could replace folders, all you need is a tag cloud, that looks like a folder tree. Something like that is the WOW thing I am expecting from IBM and if it works like that, the traditional Notes client will survive, but there will be a new client that plugs into it and Ed would be right in saying, that he has no intention to rename Domino and Notes and I would be right, because I said IBM needs a new product. That would be the rising star IBM needs in this market. If it works, Outlook will look pretty old.

Last week in Germany. I asked somebody about the fastest way to the Highway … and the guy looked at me, as if I was from another planet. No, I don’t have a nav-thingy. I still use maps. Why? I like them. I like to find my way on paper and have the map in my head. Knowing where I am is extremely important to me. Looking at a navigation screen makes me nuts. Voices that tell me, where to go, drive me crazy. Yes, I admit, sometimes it helps, but many people are completely lost, without the darn things. I know people who take longer to program their navi gadget, than it actually takes to get there and they still get lost. Me too, but that does not bother me. Now the funny thing is, when flying, I love the GPS navigation equipement, because it gives you MORE situational awareness, not less, like in the car and it does not have a voice (except more advanced ones, who yell at you, because they want to protect themselves from being the first at the crash site).

I think I need professional help. My desire to buy a smart phone is fading away. Since I bought the iPad, I don’t need a phone that does the same, but on a smaller screen and with all the interconnection with my Apple stuff at home, It would be silly to buy anything else, then an iPhone (I think, but I am not an expert here). I don’t believe in having to answer every email immediately. Imagine, if somebody needs help this second, would he write an email? No, he would call. Therefore, if somebody writes me an email, he can wait until I have time to look at it on a larger screen. The same goes for social tools. Would you post a message on Facebook saying your car broke down, please pick me up at the next train station. No way. But it looks like, there are not many people that share my opinion. Is there somebody out there who can point me to a pro, that sets my values right?
Today I should like Outlook, smartphones and Garmin or TomTom. Looks like I am completely off track.

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