Fun with Vowes visitor localization tool …

I admit, I don’t know, how it works.
Today I looked at Vowes visitor localization tool and zoomed in, to find myself.

First: Volker, it seems, you don’t have a lot of readers in Switzerland and I probably know all of them (yes, I know, depends …)

Second: I am not on the map. But, since any other tool normally sees me in Lausanne (almost 100 km from where I live), I had a look a the single red dot down there.

What lies under this cow pasture? The secret servers of Swisscom from the cold war? Or is it highly advanced organic server technology?
Or is the google localization just a lot of … c… poo poo? I checked a few other dots in Switzerland. Many of them were in the middle of nowwhere.
PS: Same thing on the iPad without G3. It just does not get my address right.
(And for the pilots under us: here you have to ultimate prove that cows do no stand around with their backside towards the wind. Neither do moose bears or reindeer)
Update: WordPress made my life difficult. I couldn’t see the tiff images first, only in the blog itself.