LotuSphere 2012 – My one and a half Cents

Oh, bugger, I missed the OGS … at least the most important parts, the demos. I saw Michael J. Fox and the end, because I had to bring my wife to the doctor … she has a flu. Damn, but my wife’s health is more important … I told myself every 5 minutes … and the kids sports and music lesson, too. Now I am waiting for the recorded OGS … not there yet. Grrrr. Right now I have to live with second hand reports and I still don’t have all the information’s I need, because I have to do an article for the Swiss Small Business Association. Can somebody please point me to good information’s about the new Notes and Connections stuff? I don’t see the whole picture yet.

Now, what did I got until now. I watched Ed Brills presentation and I think IBM is going in the right direction. Unfortunately, we will not get the completely new client i hoped for, for at least another year, but Social Notes and Domino is one hell of good step towards what I would like Notes to be.
Do away with different types of documents. An email, a letter, an invoice, a complaint a spread sheet, a chat protocol, an SMS or anything else with information in it isn’t something that should appear each in a different application. The means of transportation may be different, but for the user, it is just something that get’s read on the screen (or printed out). I want all that stuff in the same place, but linked to persons, companies, activities, hamsters or what ever. I don’t care, if it is sent by mail or tied to a pigeons leg. But it is important, that I know, where the heck it belongs to and who is involved … and how all this is linked to other things.
What I have seen until now, Notes and even more Connections, are on the right way. I like that … a lot. And the Client looks better.
I have yet to see, how the inbox will be less cluttered with the intelligent sorting gadgets behind it, but it is a start and I see this as a game changer.
What I really would like to have as soon as possible, is Connections with Connections Mail. That does mean, I would have to learn Connections … or I get the stuff of those guys here: Connections Administration Toolkit Now isn’t that cool or what? I just imagine a Collax V Cube with all the Connections and Domino Servers on it. At the same time I would do reusable templates of the virtual machines and we have a plug and play installation with the whole administration through the browser. Have to think about … a lot … makes me dream of a better future.
Me too, I thought about Workplace. I liked it. I thought it wasn’t a bad idea. Was probably ahead of it’s time.

There is one thing, that troubles me. Ed said in his presentation, that they have the highest number of servers out there ever (if I got that right). That does not correspond to our feelings, that IBM is actually loosing customers, or does it? He said too, that they are adding more and more seats in companies above 100’000 users and at the lower end, too. How is that possible? What did he say? The number of servers. NOT the number of customers. If he says though, it is true, but I am (and yours truly probably, too) waiting for: „We have the highest number of CUSTOMERS ever!“

Now, how do I feel with everything I know by now. Mixed. I like the approach, but I don’t like the time frame. I hoped for the big thing, but it did not come. But haste makes waste, but this is another year where partners will move to other pastures and customers will go for the main stream stuff (MS) at any price (they really do, at ANY price. Expensive way of thinking).

I hope I get some more good information in the next few days.

PS: What I really liked would be the functionality of Connections and the ease of use and installation of Domino. But that is too much to ask, I suppose.


Notes 8.5.3 on Mac … let’s hope for the best.

OK, yesterday I ranted about my Notes 8.5.3 on my Mac Book Pro.
It’s not the newest machine (2 years), but still new enough for Lion.
I tried what you guys suggested but it did not change anything for the better.

1. I tried to delete cache.ndk and bookmark.nsf. Did not help.

2. I tried to go for the basic client. Boy that’s ugly and not a solution anyway, because I want the eclipse client and I need XPages support.

3. I looked at my locale settings. Looks normal to me but I am not sure, that I need two keyboard layouts, Swiss German and Swiss French, but since I did not change anything ever, it seems to be right.

I finally gave in and installed all the plugins Notes asked at every start up if I want to install them (with the warning, that this may cause security problems … no wonder)

Since it is only a matter of time until LS2012 and the hopefully huge step forward with Vulcan, I can live with it for a while. I just have to be careful, not to use alt & „some keys“.
But in the near future I probably will have to take a hard decision. That Lotus Foundations box still running in the basement, has to go. If it’s not Domino in the future, it will be Collax and Zarafa. But if my predictions for Vulcan are more or less correct, I will jump on the first beta code I can get my hands on and go forward with it. It worked with Hannover and with a bit luck, it will work with Vulcan. After the OGS I will know more.

Notes 8.5.3 on Mac … oh my goodness

I really hoped, that with 8.5.3 things would get better. What a disappointment.
First, you can’t just update. Deinstall – reinstall, otherwise Notes would stop after the progress bar.
After that, I had to restart the client and the mac at least 3 times until it started working more or less normally.
There are still issues. If I try to write special characters with alt & „some key“ Notes crashes.
It still wants to install some plugins I don’t need anymore (told it 3 times) and somehow I can’t get rid of a Sametime server connections, but I don’t even have Sametime anymore.
Oh, and the „new mail“ icon in the menu bar isn’t click-able and it looks like it now has nothing to do with new mail. It appears more or less randomly.
I can not leave the icon in the doc, yet. Every time I have to kill the b… (I have to kill it right now, because it is blocked AGAIN), it is replaced with an Eclipse icon and that one just does not work.
It is still slow. Opening a document in the CRM Application takes still about 10 seconds.

I don’t know, I thought IBM would work a bit harder to make the Notes Client on Mac something they could be proud of, right now it isn’t even stable enough for basic work. If it does not get better in a few days, which sometime it does miraculously, I move back.

Update: to see a new mail, I have to close and reopen the mail db. Great.