Notes 8.5.3 on Mac … oh my goodness

I really hoped, that with 8.5.3 things would get better. What a disappointment.
First, you can’t just update. Deinstall – reinstall, otherwise Notes would stop after the progress bar.
After that, I had to restart the client and the mac at least 3 times until it started working more or less normally.
There are still issues. If I try to write special characters with alt & „some key“ Notes crashes.
It still wants to install some plugins I don’t need anymore (told it 3 times) and somehow I can’t get rid of a Sametime server connections, but I don’t even have Sametime anymore.
Oh, and the „new mail“ icon in the menu bar isn’t click-able and it looks like it now has nothing to do with new mail. It appears more or less randomly.
I can not leave the icon in the doc, yet. Every time I have to kill the b… (I have to kill it right now, because it is blocked AGAIN), it is replaced with an Eclipse icon and that one just does not work.
It is still slow. Opening a document in the CRM Application takes still about 10 seconds.

I don’t know, I thought IBM would work a bit harder to make the Notes Client on Mac something they could be proud of, right now it isn’t even stable enough for basic work. If it does not get better in a few days, which sometime it does miraculously, I move back.

Update: to see a new mail, I have to close and reopen the mail db. Great.

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  1. I’m in 8.5.3 client designer admin all day every day, but I needed to open a database in the Notes client, for a client 5 times zones away down a not great connection. I decided to start Notes via the nlnotes.exe…so fast, the speed difference between „classic“ and Eclipse version is still enormous.

    1. Via Fusion it works much better, too, but slows the mac down with all that Windows stuff.
      I had issues with Notes since 8.5.1. 8.5.2 was a bit better.

  2. Make sure you have the locale set correctly on the Mac.
    We had all kind of issues when the locale was set to
    something strange. A minor setting with a huge impact.

  3. It is not much better on Windows. Might be OK if you are just running the client but use Designer and try and do something extravagant, like copy paste a design element, and it goes to shit.

  4. Have 8.5.3 running on my MBP and had no troubles with upgrading or any troubles now !!!

    Running fast and stable… Maybe it´s a good idea to remove the following:

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