Notes 8.5.3 on Mac … let’s hope for the best.

OK, yesterday I ranted about my Notes 8.5.3 on my Mac Book Pro.
It’s not the newest machine (2 years), but still new enough for Lion.
I tried what you guys suggested but it did not change anything for the better.

1. I tried to delete cache.ndk and bookmark.nsf. Did not help.

2. I tried to go for the basic client. Boy that’s ugly and not a solution anyway, because I want the eclipse client and I need XPages support.

3. I looked at my locale settings. Looks normal to me but I am not sure, that I need two keyboard layouts, Swiss German and Swiss French, but since I did not change anything ever, it seems to be right.

I finally gave in and installed all the plugins Notes asked at every start up if I want to install them (with the warning, that this may cause security problems … no wonder)

Since it is only a matter of time until LS2012 and the hopefully huge step forward with Vulcan, I can live with it for a while. I just have to be careful, not to use alt & „some keys“.
But in the near future I probably will have to take a hard decision. That Lotus Foundations box still running in the basement, has to go. If it’s not Domino in the future, it will be Collax and Zarafa. But if my predictions for Vulcan are more or less correct, I will jump on the first beta code I can get my hands on and go forward with it. It worked with Hannover and with a bit luck, it will work with Vulcan. After the OGS I will know more.

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  1. Not sure if you tried deleting the Expeditor folder located under /Library/Application Support/Lotus Notes Data. That should get rid of the plugin install message and clean up your issues too. I’ve had to do this time to time on my Mac to fix obscure issues, crashes, hangs etc.

    The Library folder on Lion is hidden by default, if you click on Go in the Finder, then press the option key you’ll see Library magically appear.

    Hope this helps.

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