IBMSCfSB … in that case I would have kept LotusLive

IBM SmartCloud for Social Business. One really wonders, what they are smoking and I don’t want some.
I don’t have to go into details, why this isn’t a good name, just one argument. I have troubles to remember it.
But it fit’s into a long line of strange product names coming from IBM.

Even more amazing; it looks like nobody cares.

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  1. Just think about it as IBM SmartCloud. IBM Live doesn’t sound that well either.
    There is an assumption that if you just drop the Lotus name from an IBM product it starts selling like hot cake (again). We will see.
    And for the „nobody cares“. IBM normally makes products for a few thousand, wordwide customers. Within that range you normally don’t generate global buzz but this does not always mean that nobody cares.

    1. I did not say it should be called IBM Live and neither do I believe that just without „Lotus“ in the name, it sells better. Naming a product is difficult and IBM has created some good ones. DB2, Websphere, Notes, Quickr, Quickplace and Sametime (both came back to the old name after some new ideas that did not work), AS400 (still in the memory of everyone, not iSeries or SeriesI, or whatever it’s called now) and so on. All of them are good product names people remember.
      IBM Foundation for Smart Business, IBM Lotus Team Workplace, IBM Workplace Team Collaboration and that odd name Sametime had once are all IBM product names that are dead now (the names, not the all products). See the pattern? Whole sentences just do not work. „That huge app that does all for you!“-THAT-DAFY would be as good as IBMSCfSB or even better.
      People tend to buy, what they like and that includes the name. Our brain does not work as a computer, it is not analytic, it’s heuristic. It remembers things that are easy to remember and deletes things that it does not like. iCloud works, Office 356 works, Drop Box works, IBM Smart Cloud for Social Business does not work.
      I am pretty sure, that this name will damage the product more, than Lotus ever did.
      I just happen to have a customer I would like to move to that plattform. Let’s see what he says.

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