For all of you who did not like my captcha (and some marketing thoughts)

… would you please test the new one? Actually it isn’t a captcha and let’s see if that works.
I do wonder though, after how many installed and deinstalled plugins wordpress will finally be broken.

To make you life easier, I give you something to comment on. Last week, the power supply of my MBP started to make funny noises as if a firework display was imminent. It still loaded, but not very good. This morning I went shopping for a new one and realized, how – and don’t tell me you knew that already – silly I am. I was standing in this stupid Media Markt and was all exited to buy a new Apple Power Supply for my Mac Book Pro. I need professional help. I am exited because I bought a new POWER SUPPLY.
Listen up IBM.
Watch and learn from Apple.

The thing is, Apple cares about every single detail.

We can compare the technical features of Apple products endlessly, but one has to admit, they have an extremely good marketing. Every single product comes in a nice box, not some cheap carton. The corporate identity goes from A to Z. The shop displays are easy to recognise in every shop with Apple products. If I had bought a power supply for any other notebook, I would have searched all over the place and some sales person would probably have to go through drawers to find one. Not with Apple, you go there, you find the stuff and you have time watch other products (I looked at the new MBP … boy it’s fast and the display is amazing). Got it? The shopping experience is great, you want to come back. Compare that with IBMs software catalogue … if you ever find it again after the x-ieme change of the link.
It’s the attention to details, that makes Apple successful. Its software may not have all the bells and whistles of other products, but it works for 99% of the tasks, it is user friendly and it looks good.
I never had a lot of problems with Notes, but there are some annoying bugs (or features) that make the user experience on a Mac not always a pleasure. I would say, it is a lack of attention to details from IBM, to make Notes on Mac an even better experience, than on Windows and we don’t have to talk about the marketing part.
Dear IBM, if you want to be as successful with Notes as Apple, copy them. Apple just knows the human mind better. Think less about the features, think about ease of use, think less about technology, think about what the normal user actually needs. The social client could be a step in the right direction (don’t know exactly, I am still ignored by Jan Kennedy), but can IBM pull it off, that in the end we have an extremely stable and easy to use product, with more performance and less bugs, with the buttons in the right place?
Again, attention to details!
Call me a dreamer, but at least I do realise, that I am as susceptible to good marketing as anybody else out there and something silly as buying a new power supply makes my life better. Anybody knows a good AA (Apple Addicted) self help community?

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  1. IBM is not Apple but they are also extremely successful. In fact they are one of the most successful companies in tech. Maybe they could do better Marketing for Notes and Domino but this is not their strategy.
    And they don’t depend on the success of Notes and Domino. If you do then you have a problem, not IBM. If not then you can wait and see what is going to happen.
    Your new Spam protection is nice. I hope that it stops the spammers too.

    1. Henning, you missed the point again. I wrote about the attention to details of Apple, which I think is impressiv and we could learn from it. I never said IBM isn’t successfull. I wrote many times (probably too many) about IBMs marketing, explaining what and why they do it, cash cow and so on. But I still can say, that IBM could learn something about the attention to details.

      1. Maybe I missed the point again but it is not that IBM could not do it. IBM has the money, the people and the power to do it.
        They have lots of channels they are listening to. There are public and closed betas, they run one of the biggest partner networks, they have 400.000+ employees that work with IBM software every day, they invite selected customers for brainstorming and product feedback and more.
        You wrote:
        „Dear IBM, if you want to be as successful with Notes as Apple, copy them. „.
        Ask customers what they think of newer releases of Final Cut Pro. Filemaker also is a starving product. There are many people who think the best OSX release is neither Lion or Mountain Lion and that iTunes is lacking in many ways, especially on Windows. Their social music network (Ping) failed and from personal experience I can confirm that their iTunes Match program has some very annoying issues that has little to do with attention to details. OSX server is a niche product and Safari on Windows is hardly used by anybody. Even on OSX many people use another browser like Chrome or Firefox. The success of iOS is huge for Apple and the Mac hardware is just great. In software I would say there are some products that really shine but the broader picture is mixed. Apple in many cases is only successful if they can bundle hard- and software and sell it as a package where they have full control of.
        But of course you are right and you can always learn from Apple. They are building some great stuff and they know good marketing.

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