must have been hacked.

I got a response on my last post on my blog from a Nathan T. Freeman from

Brilliant. Perfect analysis. I agree completely.

Somebody must have hacked into The real Nathan T. Freeman would
a.) never agree with me and even if the very unlikely event occurred that he did
b.) he would not bother to write it … and certainly not like that.
c.) He should not read anything on PlanetLotus.
d.) Whenever I get a reply with just a few words and all of them are there just to tell me, how good I am, it‘s spam … always.

Only solution, they must have been hacked.

Ein Gedanke zu „ must have been hacked.“

  1. I fail to see what is the connection between your blog post atracting spam and some other website being hacked. Did I miss something?

    And you don’t need PlanetLotus to read blogs you know? All you need is a browser 🙂

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