Oh my … are you big!

Yesterday I went to a Swisscom shop, just to touch and feel the Lumina 920 and the iPhone 5 and I ended up getting Swisscom TV, but this is besides the point.

My verdict after just taking it in the hand? The Lumina is to big for my hands. It just does not fit. I don’t want to press a huge thing like that on the ear. I believe I would end up with a blue tooth head set. My wife thought the same. I don’t think, that the Lumina will be the big hit with women.
Vowe said it is very robust. Can’t comment on that, I don’t think Swisscom would like it, if I dropped it several times in the shop, but it does not feel robust. It feels plastic.
I can’t comment on the functions and stuff, because my in depth test was interupted by a very nice sales woman, that just wanted to ask me a question … good approach. Now we have the free Swisscom TV service and got a hundred francs off the price for the two wireless routers we need for the connection. Our TV is worth less. Now we can finally throw out the satellite dish.
As for the iPhone 5 … couldn’t test it, it’s sold out. But I had the iPad mini in my hands. While it is also very big for just one hand, I would not use it like a phone. Pretty good toy, if you ask me. I think I want have … or the iPad forth gen … or the mini? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

But since we are on it. Vowe and others are always talking about the cameras. I think my iPhone 4 camera is crap. I couln’t even take a sharp picture of my little daughter during the last ice skating test. The one in the iPad 2 isn’t very good either. Some My-First-Camera for kids are better.
I am pretty sure, that they allready thought about it, but Nikon should really do it. The CoolPix Phone. That’s something I would rather buy. At least in that case, I would have a decent camera with a mediocre phone and not a mediocre phone with a joke for a camera. I still like the iPhone for it’s other features, though.

Does anybody know if the NDA for the beta members for IBM Notes 9 is lifted? I really would like to talk about it.

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