Should you ever want to buy a fridge or something from Siemens … don’t

It is annoying. Siemens house hold appliances keep breaking down and the repair service is lousy. At least in Switzerland.
After 4 years the oven/microwave combination broke down. Service technician comes, looks at it, does not have the module required, in spite of having all the information about the darn thing beforehand, leaves and comes again a few days later. If we hadn’t complained, they would have charged two house calls.
Now the fridge has problems. In the forums people know all about this fridge. Another module known for breaking down. Phone call to customer service and it is the same story. Very unfriendly experience and we are apparently the only customers ever having problems (but the service technician is booked for weeks in advance).
We have a induction stove from Siemens, too. Oh, how I hate the thing (it’s me who does most of the cooking). Should you ever need a new stove and you want induction – which is a good thing – think about professional stuff with rotary switches and big enough cooking fields that sense the position of the pan. Touch controls are the most stupid invention in kitchen technology since men (or women) discovered cooking over fire. The spaghetti tasting hook from Alessi comes second, but by a wide margin.
Anything else you don’t want for Xmas? Oh yes, funny aprons with assorted chef’s hat. Selections of strange spices you are not going to use in ten years, wooden tea bag boxes and cooking kits for mexican, sushi or roasted dodo Papua New Guinea style. The latest vegetable cutting device from any home shopping channel is high up the list, too and so are ugly vases, coffee or tea sets and the famous Alessi orange press that looks like a rocket from a 60’s comic book. Perfumed candles (your house smells), soap (you smell), socks (your feet smell) or a Wall Mart voucher (I don’t like you enough to think about a personal gift) are anyway out of the question.
Have a nice weekend.