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  1. Short answer: don’t.
    Long answer: All destination of messages in Domino are mail-in databases. For the convenience of human administrators the most commonly used form of mail-in databases has been called mailbox and associated with the documents found in the People view.
    A database turns into a mail-in database the very moment there is a document in the Domino directory that gives it an eMail address. We have 2 types: person documents and mail-in database documents. Once a message hits the Domino router it looks up the database name that matches the eMail address (Notes or Internet) and deposits the message there.
    From the outside it is indistingushable if a destination is a person or a mail-in database. So when you successfully can send messages from postfix to your Domino, you are all set.

    Or did you have a different question?

    1. Like the short answer. Thanks for the long answer. At least now I know that I looked at it from the wrong side, not how make it work, but find out how they made it not work.

      … I am struggeling with a mail loop for a mail in db … just as a side note.

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