Did you know that thing about Domino server rules?

I am struggling with a mail forwarding loop which I can’t resolve (if accidently somebody knows how to fix this in Lotus Foundations – any help welcome – I suspect it’s postfix) I stumbled over the Domino server mail rules (I am excused for not knowing them, because I am a dev … was at least … still bits left, but my shrink says it’s fading away and I should be able to recover completely. Don’t need the green dried frog pills anymore soon). Hey, I thought, what a good idea. I knew about the forwarding address in the person document, but the mail rules were knew to me.
And as always, when the boy get’s a new toy, let’s play around with it.
Of I went for my first rule. If a mail arrives with a certain subject – „test“ – move it to a certain mail box.
Open the console on the mac, „set rules“ and send an email from outside to the domino, open the mail box and … nothing. Ahem? Were is that thing? Not in the destination box either. A quick look in the log: “ … was successfully delivered …“. What? Oh, open the all documents view and YESSSS, there it was. But stop. Why is it marked as a sent mail? That does not make sense at all.
There is probably a very logical and easy to understand reason for this but I don’t care. If it works like that, you can forget it. It’s useless. I would have understood if it was not put in the inbox, but as a sent mail, that does not make sense at all. Really, what were they thinking.

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  1. This is what happens when you manually copy messages from mail.box on the server into a database. If I’m right, your action in the Rule did exactly the same thing (copy to database), so the Rule did exactly that. It didn’t use mail routing to send the message, it copied it.

    It guess if an email in a mail.box is sent from one address, addressed to another, and gets copied to another mailbox, then Sent Items might be the most appropriate place for it to go.

  2. You can create a server rule to change the routing state to held. This will then leave it in the mail.box and allow you to manually delete it or release it to a destination.

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