And it’s time for some tests!

Playing around with Notes 9 (and still failing to install that Domino on Linux), I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to run Notes 9  – the whole bunch, admin and designer – on a Mac without having to use windows all the time. I use Fusion normally, but that does not make my Mac any faster, except, Notes is faster in Fusion, than on the Mac. Why not having the best of both worlds? Though I went for a search and found that Wine is slowly getting it’s grips on the Mac. While I would have to compile wine on the Mac myself, I looked for a possibility that would spare me that part.
I found Crossover and WineBottler:WineBottler is a private project and it looks quite nice. Is easy to understand and of I went.
Result? It does not work with Notes 9. It seems that Wine worked nice with Notes 7, some problems with Notes 8.5.1, huge problems with 8.5.3 and I found out it wouldn’t even install Notes 9 and that, as you can imagine, right in the end when it wants to place the icons.
I didn’t even get that far with Crossover (14 days free testing). Configuring a „bottle“ (oh these funny guys, how did they came up with … wine … bottle you get it? Geek jokes) failed. Never even got to the point of installing Notes.
There is one app left, that’s WinOnX, but since it is also based on wine and it costs money, I think I’ll pass.
It looks like, there is no other project, except Wine that goes in that direction. Too bad.
And since IBM will not deliver Designer and Admin on Mac, which I understand perfectly seeing the performance of the Notes client on my Mac, I will have to wait until somebody comes up with something better.
Who knows, in the mean time I probably get that stupid SLES 11 to accept the Domino install. And before you ask, it stops right after the question about graphic mode. Just nothing happens, no log, no failure, nothing. I am stuck.