Is it just me or do you also have this impression about Connect-o-Sphere?

When I scroll through PlanetLotus, I don’t have the impression that many of the bloggers have a blast in Orlando. There are a few slides, but no incredible news about something. Not a lot is going on regarding Connections 4.5. IBM Docs should be a hit, but nothing.
No news about Notes Next. Nothing really exciting going on. What’s your view?

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  1. You’re right, not many blog posts and not much definitive news. However if you’ve been following #ibmconnect on Twitter, you’ll have seen thousands of tweets from PL bloggers and many others about the conference. For me at least, it has been a great week – exciting, fun and very good from a business perspective.

    To be honest, there hasn’t been any time to blog – rushing from place to place, attending meetings, checking out the showcase and spending time with the folks I see only once a year. Sorry to those at home that have been disappointed!

  2. The Notes browser plug in is amazing technology. Workspace, doc selection, replication,… Very exciting but not overly hyped but I think it will be massive.

  3. The Notes Browser plugin will not move your applications forward. It is limited to technology that Nathan T Freeman compared to „documentation written with crayons“.
    Technology wise it is awesome but the concept only cares about the past, not about the future.
    About Connect-O-Phere I would say that I don’t remember when I was exited about anything from Adobe, Symantec, CA or Intuit. It is a direct consequence of little innovation that is just blown up by marketing. Almost any big software vendor plays by those rules. If you want to be exited and have fun you probably have to be „on premises“, the cloud does not work well in this case.

  4. +1 on Stuart’s sentiment about time: as a fellow attendee, I was too busy to blog. Most years, I find that for me the conference is either all about the content, or all about the people. This is really the first year that I felt like I truly got my fill of both. When I was in sessions, I found myself wanting to just absorb the content, rather than regurgitate it in real time to the interwebs. Similiarly, when not in sessions, I was either in deep discussion with customers, partners, or IBMers, or just plain having fun. And occasionally I would sleep. There weren’t the occasional empty slots I’ve had in years past to bring my readers up to speed mid-week.

    What was most noticeable for me in terms of „excitement“ was – unlike in years past – not about specific features being added to specific products. Rather, it was the depiction of how all the products are becoming ever easier to integrate, and the vision of the end user experiences that can result from that cross-product interaction.

    The atmosphere around these products and those of us who are passionate about them is definitely evolving, and the change was palpable in every facet of my conference experience. When time permits, I’m going to attempt to describe that sensation in detail, and why I’m more excited about the state of these products than ever. In the meantime, if you’re looking for reassurance that IBM is on the right track, I’m more than happy to vouch for them in that regard. If, however, you’re looking for confirmation of some doomsday scenario based purely on a lack of long-form chatter during the conference itself, you’ll have to look elsewhere: these products continue to offer significant professional opportunities for those of us who choose to embrace their evolution (and evolve along with them), this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future, and every aspect of my conference experience (except, perhaps, for the odd steampunk fascination during the OGS) reinforced this with a clarity I’ve not seen in previous years.

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