I thought I could not believe my ears … what happend at IBM?

I just finished watching the IBM Social Platform Launch broadcast. Despite some technical problems, the Q&A session was cut short and the screen showed „this presentation is over“, bugger that, I could not believe my ears when I heard at the end of the presentation Jeff Schick saying, don’t believe Microsoft and Salesforces FUD about Notes and Domino and IBM will help you to move from the LEGACY Outlook/Exchange environment to social business tools. Yeehaaaa. That’s more how I like it. After years and years of getting beaten over the head and not fighting back, IBM finally realised, that its competitors will not stop playing unfair¹. It’s nice to be considered as a gentleman/woman (oh, how I hate this political correctness, it makes writing so much less fun), but after a while, everybodys patience runs out. IBMs finally did now, apparently. It’s about time.
One can just hope, that now words are followed by action and IBM stops the drain of the customer base by doing some marketing.I missed Connections Documents. I like them a lot. Much nicer than Google Docs. Unfortunately for my work, I often need a tool that counts letters. If that was available in Connections Documents, I would use it a lot more in Greenhouse.

¹ But one has to admit, IBM invented FUD in the eighties and Microsoft mastered it in the nineties.


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