Question for the experts …

Does anybody out there know, what IBM means with Apple Cocoa support?
Googling only gives the information, that there is Cocoa support, but not what it is all about. Nothing in the Domino 9 wiki either.
The only thing I can find are 4 .jar files with cocoa in the file name.
Lot’s of classes in there for eclipse, but as far as I can see, eclipse does not support cocoa yet and apple does not support the cocoa-java bridge anymore.
I can’t see anything that helps me to understand, what that cocoa support means.
Have you got any idea?

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  1. Notes is based on Eclipse 3.4.2. That version used Carbon for the GUI output. As of Mountain Lion, Carbon is deprecated and no longer supported. So IBM had to update SWT to 3.7 which uses the newer Cocoa framework. The rest of N

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