Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

Around me a world is not breaking down, but rather disappear silently. More and more IBM partners I know, give up Notes entirely. Certifications are not renewed, selling licenses is abandoned. Some box movers take the business remaining. For larger customers, IBM takes it up. Sometimes even without asking the partner. I have the impression, since Ed’s departure, this trend that was going on for years, accelerates.
I wonder, if IBM is aware of it. They must, the writing on the wall is just too big. I also wonder, if they want to do something about it, or probably IBM just likes it like that. After all IBM makes it pretty hard for partners to sell and promote Notes.
For many the magic is gone. Where I live, there are almost no young developers and admins, replacing us old farts. IBM claims there are some 10’000 XPages developers. That would be one for every 5 customers. During my best time, I was one of – I think – some 30’000 certified developers (and yes, I let slip the certifications, too). Think about it.
As for connections, only the biggest partners are capable of getting all the necessary know how to serve customers appropriately.
Now the question, what are YOU going to do? Business good? Found a way out? Customers following you to new pastures?


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  1. IMHO – IBM is aware of it, they don’t want to do something about it (besides some lipstick) and they at least like the revenue stream the product still generates with so little effort.
    In my case I solve problems. In the past I solved many of them with Notes now I use something else (although there is still a lot of maintenance and migration work). My rules are simple. No IBM, no Sharepoint. Everything else is possible.

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