I hope I don’t have to see THAT again. Adobe Reader messes up my Mac big time.

I would almost go as far to call Adobe Reader XI „Crap Ware“. And I am not even alone. What are they thinking.

Here is the scenario:
Yesterday I had to fill out a pdf form. Unfortunately the Apple preview app can’t do that. Hey, no problem, I am just going to install the latest Adobe Reader and off we go. That worked for the form … apart from the sending by email button with Notes … and I got it done eventually. But I should have taken the problem with Notes and sending the email as a hint. When I clicked on the icon, Notes would not come in front. Other things started to behave awkward, too. In the afternoon my Mac was blocked on the screen safer. I had to kill it. Can you imagine? A Mac completely blocked? (just kidding)
It was slow before and I thought, give it a bit of time and it will sort things out eventually. Not so, it looks like it filled up in the background with tasks, until it slowed to a crawl. Not nice. This morning, Time Machine informed me, that it could not back up. The volume was already in use. Sorry, what? Restart Mac, restart Airport Extreme … nothing! Notes still behaved funny and since Adobe Reader was the last thing I changed, it was the first thing to go. Oh wonder, now the backup works again, Notes is back to its old beauty.
Normally I want two proofs for conviction (I probably could find one in the log), but this time I will make an exception. That thing will not come to my trusty old MacBook Pro again.

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  1. The same sort of thing happened to my wife’s windows machine. Installed Adobe Reader, totally hosed the machine. Adobe used to be a reputable company, now I see them as a malware company, and that’s a shame.

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