No really. What kind of evaluation license is this?

I made myself a Smart Cloud Engage(?) test account.
Now what I wanted to do, is invite somebody to work on a text outside „my“ company. First it is rather complicated until you get there. You can not invite somebody from outside by adding him on the document. You have to go through files and invite them first from there. Right there were your new document shows up (aaaarrrghhh).
When you just added somebody and click invite, you are informed, that you are not allowed to do that. The invitation will not be sent. What kind of usability is this?
Wana do that in Google Drive? Add an email address on the document, done. That is how it should work.

IBM you just won my Catch22 special award for annoying usability. If you don’t want somebody do something, tell him first, not after he did everything required.
Could somebody within IBM please call Apple for a course in usability? Might be worth it.


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  1. Plus 1 . I totaly aggree. IBM need to wake up. its all about the simple way to do it. It does not have to be complicated.

  2. They do this even in the usual client software. Try adding a bigger animated GIF or PNG in Sametime. It will work. After you did that you can choose this image from within the chat window. Do it. It will work. Now the chat will contain that image. Cool. Try to send that chat. Nope! It will not work. ST will tell you that you can not have images over a certain size. Super! Well done IBM.

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