Heeelp…. needed … badly.

This is a completely private problem.
My monster number one got a camcorder for Christmas. Nothing special there, but she needs a possibility to cut her movies. She knows by now iMovie for iOS pretty well and would like to transfer her movies to my old iPad 2 and cut them there (which isn’t a very good idea, I admit, but I don’t want her to borrow my Mac all the time either, neither does my wife). And we have the connection kit for the SD card.
The video standard is:

AVCHD standard
Video: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264

That is something the iPad does not recognise and will not import it when connected to the SD card.
There was once an app that did it called Splice, but that does not work any longer.
Does anybody of you know an app that lets me import videos in the above format directly from a SD card to the iPad? A converter or something like that?
I know that this can be done by various apps on the mac. I only look for a solution, that does work on the iPad alone.

An idea anyone? Otherwise there will be a lot of tears, shouting and general misbehaviour around me in the next few years.

PS: The stuff she does with an iPod alone is pretty amazing….