And another one from „Microsoft Security“

I get these scam calls regularly. Most of the time I am not in the right mood and hang up, sometimes I let them talk until they come to the Windows Key, which I can not find on my mac. Today I was in a rather playful mood and when the nice Lady told me, that my computer informed Microsoft it was infected, I said „I know“. „How do you know“ she asked? „I wrote the Virus myself“. „It wasn’t a Virus, but your HD is infected“, „I know“ I said, „I wrote all that myself, that computer is made for it, it’s a honey top“. Unfortunately now she had hung up, but she sounded a bit perplexed. I think my answers where not in their book.
Yes, should have said „honey pot“, but I was so excited to get that far. With that good deed of the day done, – I might have saved an old lady’s egg money – I leave you to it.
Just one question: Do you get these scam calls?

Update: Had other calls from the same scammers. The nasty words they know, my my. One was speechless when I told her, that from my side the tests are done and that everything works as predicted and I would send them the bill now. At the end she thanked me for the information.
If I only knew their adress …