Yep, got the new certification

Since everybody does it, I had to do it. I am now …

IBM Notes & Domino V10 Sales Advisor v1

IBM couldn’t come up with a shorter name, couldn’t they? That will not fit in an acceptable font size on the average business card. What does a Sales Advisor do anyway?

Well I am getting old. I really find – and that is in now way a critique against IBM but rather the current hip way of certification – that thing with the badges a tinsy winsy bit childish. Will any customer or employer ever ask for the right badges? Should I put them on my business card? On the back for example? Or convert an old stamps collection to a badges collection to bring to my business meetings? Would „Can I show you my collection of badges“ qualify as sexual harassment? It would certainly get me not  any more dates than the „Kaffirahmdeckeli“-collection(*). I could live with just the certificate. But who knows, one day I may find a use for the first badge I ever received. Until then I have yet another account on a website I will with pretty high probability never use again – Acclaim. I am stupid.
Since we are on it, there is another strange development I never understood. Ten years ago, when you attended any conference you got a credit card sized identification with a clip you could attach to your shirt, skirt, blouse, west, shoe, whatever. Then they had the great idea to use these lanyards, but still with credit card size identification. I found that barely acceptable. The darn thing is always in my way. Normally I tuck it in my breast pocket.
Now some use postcard size or bigger identifications to hang around your neck. That’s insane. The name just takes up a fraction of the space, the rest is advertising for a company I normally know, because I am at their conference. I feel like a cow on the alps, but the bells have a purpose (fog, difficult terrain), A5 sized boards around my neck do not.

BTW: The new Gutenberg-Editor of WordPress is pretty nice.

(*)If you don’t know what that is, please stay ignorant. It is somewhat embarrassing.

3 Gedanken zu „Yep, got the new certification“

  1. Badges are inexpensive, especially if they are virtual only and they do work for many people.
    Prove: you showed it here even if you say it does not provide much value.

    Badges do not work for me but I’ve seen them working for others (on both sides). From a psychological perspective I find this quite an interesting phenomena.

    1. Prove: you showed it here even if you say it does not provide much value.

      Yes, isn’t that silly.
      It still does not provide much value for me, and that is only for me. It isn’t personalised. I don’t know what I can do with it.
      I don’t know how anybody else is reacting to it. I just find it a bit childish, but hey, I thought the Kaffideckeli-Collections are silly and they are still out there. What do I know.

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