Heeeeelp! What should I buy…

Here is the problem. My daughter will start the Gymnasium next fall and has opted for the computer only option. No books, only downloads. What is the best option for her?

The school recommends something with a touch screen. I would have said iPad Pro, but that does not fly, because the school wants that they use software like OpenOffice, VCL or Gimp and only accepts certain types of files like .ods or .pdf. It looks like we are stuck with Windows. Now I am running around to find something that isn’t too expensive (think greed at school and she does not like to stand out) but will with a high probability work flawlessly for three years heavy duty (kids, you know!).

We looked at a few 2in1 computers and tablets from HP and Lenovo at Mediamarkt and I was rather shocked about the bad screens, compared to iPad or Surface Pro. What we know already, Surface Go is too small. It should be something in the size of the Surface Pro (daughter’s choice anyway).

Here are the questions:
Which machines should I look at?
Where else should I look except Amazon and Mediamarkt in Switzerland (Amazon is not cheaper as Mediamarkt as far as I can see)?
Is the pen a useful tool with the mentioned open source software?

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    1. That would be a nice machine, but alas, I found a pre-owned Surface Pro 5 with the i7 and 8/256 GB for a good price with cover and pen.
      Now that poor kid has to live with a Surface Pro.
      I looked around a bit and from what I see, that particular Yoga isn’t available in Switzerland, not even in the Lenovo Shop.
      Thank’s anyway.

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