Apple TV+ – I like the content

A lot of things have been written about Apple TV+, positive and negative. I have used it from day one and I quite like the Apple Originals. Really. On the other hand, the app has potential. Or to be honest: The app is crap. But let’s first look at the bright side. I have watched The Morning Show, See, and For all Mankind and like all of them. I was never a fan of Jennifer Aniston (and neither „Friends“), but now in TMS I find her fascinating. Reese Witherspoon is a delight. Well some things are a bit cheesy but once in while, why not. It has a lot of surprising characters and I am very curious how Mitch Kessler develops during the show.
For all Mankind is fun. Well I am a space geek and therefore I will watch that show until it ends, no matter what. What is amazing how much they smoke. There is smoke and full ashtrays everywhere. Ninety percent of the cast probably had to start smoking. I have seen lots and lots of different hints about things you do not do either today or where a problem then. Sometimes it seems, that they want to hit us over the head every five minutes to be more tolerant and less political correct. The only thing that annoys me a bit is the lack of reduced gravity inside the moon station or the LM. But that’s just me the geek. Otherwise they really excel in the CGI department. For a series with real people and objects we have seen a thousand times, that is. Sure, marvel does it better, but they have less budget restraints and let’s face it, who knows how Asgard looks in reality.
„See“ is my least favourite, despite liking Jason Momoa since Stargate Atlantis (Aquaman was a bit of a low). Still it is an interesting story to tell and we will see how it develops.
I like the concept of releasing not all episodes at once, but rather every Friday. Prevents me from binge watching.
I also watched the Elephant Queen and I am amazed about the images they took. Really nice. Walt Disney could not have made that better.
Some critics say, that Apple will fail, because they don’t have enough content, like Netflix. Please, get real. Netflix started streaming 12 years ago. Disney has warehouses full of content.
Apple haters will never be happy with anything Apple does, therefore please shut up and watch Netflix.

The app. Now that’s a big, very big problem. It might be due to the fact that I use it on my iPad Air 2 but frankly that thing isn’t finished. What is Apple thinking. It is full of bugs and it isn’t intuitive at all. In general, I never know where I am. The navigation is weird, to say the least.
When I leave a film and come back later, there is a button to continue watching, unfortunately that does not work. It always starts at the beginning. Really Apple? I have a few episodes that hang on the continue watching screen with one or two minutes left. I can not get rid of them, even if I let them run to the end. They are stuck there. The page with the new episodes is broken, too. The new episodes just do not show.
If I don’t close the app completely, it sucks the battery dry (again, Apple really?).
I hope I am not alone with my problems and Apple will fix them. There is one thing I find good; Since I live in Switzerland, Apple offers content in English, German, French and Italian, without switching the apps language or making any changes in the settings. Since there are not a lot of movies in Rumantsch, Apple is excused for forgetting our forth official language. I think Apple excels at the content but really has the worst app to deliver it. Who would have thought that.