About me and Informica

Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.

I have known a lot about Lotus Notes and other stuff. Apart from Linux, Java and what else I learned over the years.

I am have a diploma from the FH St.Gallen that says I am a „Betriebsökonom“ (Business Economist), specialised in marketing.

I hold the privileges of a Commercial Pilot Rotorcraft and Certified Flight Instructor and I can fly planks, too.

And everybody says, I am one hell of a cock. My kids are not convinced, though. Probably just spoiled. At least they don’t like frozen food.

I am not one of these guys, that run around like headless chicken, looking to beat the next record around always the same track. Running a marathon isn’t a goal in my life. I do bike, but just to do something were I can start at my front door, but I almost never do the same route twice. One (former) friend asked me once, if I also liked it, when the whole body begins to hurt. Nope, I don’t. My sports are those that demand superior technique, Skiing, windsurfing, squash, Kung Fu.

I play drums. It’s hell. A journey where the next step is always right there and you can not see the end.