How to handle Facebook, Website and other social tools effectively – any idea?

I need help (professional help for my brain … yeah, I know). I had a bit of a shock this weekend. About a year ago, Swiss companies where not looking at social media, now it completely turned around. Already half of them are using it. It looks like we have to jump on the band wagon. (An please forgive my ignorance, but I just can’t get the hang of Facebook I even deleted my personal account a few years ago – or better deactivated, since Facebook seems to keep your account for a while).

Now, I would like to know from you, how to handle all those social tools today. For years it was just the website – which was hard enough to keep up to date – now we have Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and whatever else comes up in the future. It is becoming almost a full position for a social media specialist, but if you are a small company that’s out of the question. Where do you put your energy, in your companies Facebook page or your website? Or is it rather Twitter? Are there tools, to write stuff once and have them at two different places? Would you mix a Facebook page and your website?
A lot of questions, but I try to find a way to work effectively with those tools, but I don’t even know where to start.

That‘s what I like about Lotus Foundations

Last week we (finally!) found a CMS system, that seem to fit our needs. Concrete5 is almost perfect for people like us, who hate to fiddle around with websites. Together with Lotus Foundations it is a perfect match.

  1. Create a team
  2. Copy the files for concrete5 in the WWW folder of the team
  3. Add a virtual web server

That‘s it. 3 Minutes of work. Most of it sipping tea while copying.

Unfortunately IBM just does not get the grips, how to bring Lotus Foundations to the market.