Lion eats the Snow Leopard

I can’t believe it, but Lion is definitely better then Snow Leopard. It is possible, that it solved a few problems I had, I wasn’t aware of.
For example:
Finder is fast. It was extremely slow in Snow Leopard. It took about 10 seconds to build the list for „Programs“. This is a lot better then before. It takes probably a second now.
Notes seems to be a bit faster. Not a lot, but at least I can click that stupid „Notes is starting“ window away. Notes comes in the front, when I click on the icon and it stays in the back, when refreshing a view. Man, that was annoying.
Launchpad is cool.
Mission Control is a winner.
The new gestures come almost natural. I don’t have a lot of problems to scroll the other way. It is more natural, for sure.
The update process went flawlessly. Nothing to click, no questions to answer. Took about an hour.
Happy camper over here.

Apple Keynote – Those are the kind of things I like

It looks like not many of you have watched the Apple key note. The news were great, from my point of view.
I believe, that Apple got the mobile stuff right. Everybody else is going towards the browser, Apple is pushing the mobile devices and connecting them.
It fits my way to work. I want the mobile device to be mobile, not dependant from any Internet connection. If there is one, just update (replicate!) the stuff, if not, I want still to be able to work.
(BTW: Roaming is still extremely expensive here)
Browser applications may be good for the administrator and the costs, but are bad for me. I just can’t get the hang of them.
We had that for years with Notes. That is the one feature I like most in Notes. Many times at customer sites, I can’t use their network. Now Apple even takes the need for the server away. It just replicates, between all the devices I own. Now what about a company that wants to use iCloud? I don’t know, but I hope, that apple has a solution. iCloud on premises would be the thing. Since the replication mechanism is in the apps and Apple provides an API for this, it shouldn’t be a big problem.
And there was one thing Steve Jobs said: We got rid of the file system! There is no filesystem on iPad, iPhone and iPod.
Yessssssss! Finally! Hopefully I can use that on the Mac, too.
No need to save documents anymore. It’s about time.
Apple Mail is cool, too. It reminds me of NotesBuddy.
Now IBM. You know, I like Notes generally. You know there are things I don’t like about Notes. You had the technologie for years, why don’t you came up with a replication for Symphony?
Why isn’t there an easy and lightweight document management system for Symphony and Domino?
Why can’t I drag an address from my contacts or CRM in a Symphony document?
At least, IBM promised that several users can work simultaneously on the same document. The problem is, do I need that? Do I want my colleague Serge write here in my blog while I am writing?
I don’t think so.
… I could go on.
When I looked at the presentations from IBM the last few years, there where often integrations for decision makers, but not for the end user. Apple does stuff that really helps me working and being mobile.
And isn’t it completely stupid, to buy a whole PC with all bells and whistles just to use a browser?

Notes on Mac … still not something I should have done.

Could somebody please explain that to me?
When I open a contact document in my CRM system by clicking on it, it takes about 10 seconds to open and another 2 to change it to edit mode.
If I open it with cmd-e, I get there within 2 seconds. Now that was on the mac. With windows 7 in Fusion, it takes about 5 seconds by clicking on it but it is not as fast as the mac, if I use the keyboard.
We are talking about the mac being faster with the key board then with the mouse and the mac is known as the machine for the mouse addicted. I would really like to know, where the big difference comes from, between using the keyboard and the mouse.

Snow Leopard vs. Windows 7 – 0:1 … oh bugger

I don’t know, but something must be wrong with my karma. This morning I tried to copy 7 GB first to another Mac (same Model, same OS). We couldn’t connect. I gave up on that and tried to copy it with Finder to a Linux Server (Foundations, for those who still know what that was). Didn’t work. It stopped after a few minutes with some error message. Now I fired up Windows 7 on Fusion. Guess what. NO PROBLEM AT ALL. I hate that. I switched to Mac, because I was bored about Windows and now I need it for basic stuff. I wanted to use it for Domino Designer and some testing, but not stupid file copying.

I wonder if I got a Virus.

Notes on Mac … it‘s getting worse

I have been using Notes on the Mac for more than 18 month … and I begin to hate it.
I started with 8.5, got 8.5.1 and now I have 8.5.2 FP1 which is the worst.
I upgraded the memory, that helped a bit but not a lot.

When it starts up I get this absolutely useless window „Lotus Notes is starting“ and it comes all the way to the front. But I don‘t need to see this window, as long as the Notes icon in the dock jumps up and down… which isn‘t needed either. Most other applications just don‘t care.

Boy it‘s slow. Notes in Windows 7 in Fusion is a lot faster.

It has the annoying habit to refresh a view right when you switched to another application and it comes to the front again after a few seconds. Can you imagine when you are typing something in the google search and suddenly you look at Notes again. That just sucks.
FP1 made my CRM (Pavone Enterprise Office 9, the best I know) unusable. I had to get an lss file to  fix it. Imagine that problem with a normal user without a Designer?
My menu bars are full of buttons who appear at least twice. I can‘t get them fixed, because in the settings you don‘t see any button at all. It‘s just broken.
There is an issue with big views. You can‘t scroll them normally. It just stops somewhere. The only possibility left is scrolling slowly with the arrow key and then after a moment it stops completely and you have to close and reopen it.
If you want to have Notes up front again, you can‘t just can click at the icon as with any other application and it comes to the front. Not Notes. You have to use Exposé.

I really like Notes (I always like the underdog), but if it wasn‘t for Pavone, I would probably switch to another mail client. I really begin to understand users who get annoyed by little things that just don‘t work or are awkward. For years and years I never had these big problems other users report. Notes just worked but after 18 month of using Notes on a Mac I am just about loosing my patience … and my wife says I have a lot.

Update: Thanks Julian. Deleting the bookmark.nsf helped. Why I use the FP1? I hoped it would fix some of the things I don’t like. Silly me.

But I forgot another thing I don’t like. Often when I switch from Notes to another application like Firefox, the Mac menu bar – the one with the apple – keeps showing the Notes menu. I have to move the cursor over the Menu bar to make appear the Firefox menu.

I mean I like my Mac but…

…does it really have less problems then a Windows machine? I have had this MacBookPro 15“ for a year now, but was it a step forward from my old trusty IBM (not Lenovo) ThinkPad with XP? Not really. I expected more. More speed, less problems.
Let’s start at the bottom. We use a Lotus Foundations Appliance and that works flawlessly with Windows. Finder on the other hand, has huge problems. Sometime it takes ages to connect to the file server. Especially on our Lotus Foundations demo box. If I want to copy files to LF, very often I can not do it with finder, due to permission problems (no problem in Windows, and no, it is not a problem of the user).
If I click on „Programs“ in Finder, boy does it take long, until it shows the list.
Finder is extremely slow in opening a folder, too.
Now we look at Lotus Notes. Since I have 8.5.2 it got worse. I don’t think it is faster then 8.5.1.
(I use Windows 7 in VMWare Fusion and there the Notes Client is faster). 
When I start it up, it comes in the foreground every few seconds. Can’t it just stay in the background, until it is ready?
Whenever I switch from Notes to for example Firefox, Notes does something that looks like a reload of the whole Notes screen and comes back in the foreground. Also the menu bar keeps all the Notes menus, even if I have activated the window of another application. I have to move the cursor over the menu bar to make the menu items appear.
If I click on any icon in the Dock, that application comes in the foreground, not Notes.
 Notes 8.5.2 crashes much more then 8.5.1.
… it does definitely not „scream“.
Oh, and Firefox
I never got any drop down list in the search until yesterday.
I really like iWork.
Right now, the cursor disappeared, while writing this text.
That happens once in while in Notes, too.
iPhoto? Great
… but overall?
Do I want to go back to Windows? Who knows? Probably one day I find out, why my Mac is so slow and I get some insight why everybody tells me it is such a cool gadget.Probably the same reason, why everybody tells me Outlook is the better mail client … because everybody says so.

BTW: Windows bores me to death, too. Apart from a few new features, there wasn’t really a huge step forward in the last 20 years. People still mess around with folders in file systems and use MS Word as a information storage system.