Yep, got the new certification

Since everybody does it, I had to do it. I am now …

IBM Notes & Domino V10 Sales Advisor v1

IBM couldn’t come up with a shorter name, couldn’t they? That will not fit in an acceptable font size on the average business card. What does a Sales Advisor do anyway?

Well I am getting old. I really find – and that is in now way a critique against IBM but rather the current hip way of certification – that thing with the badges a tinsy winsy bit childish. Will any customer or employer ever ask for the right badges? Should I put them on my business card? On the back for example? Or convert an old stamps collection to a badges collection to bring to my business meetings? Would „Can I show you my collection of badges“ qualify as sexual harassment? It would certainly get me not  any more dates than the „Kaffirahmdeckeli“-collection(*). I could live with just the certificate. But who knows, one day I may find a use for the first badge I ever received. Until then I have yet another account on a website I will with pretty high probability never use again – Acclaim. I am stupid.
Since we are on it, there is another strange development I never understood. Ten years ago, when you attended any conference you got a credit card sized identification with a clip you could attach to your shirt, skirt, blouse, west, shoe, whatever. Then they had the great idea to use these lanyards, but still with credit card size identification. I found that barely acceptable. The darn thing is always in my way. Normally I tuck it in my breast pocket.
Now some use postcard size or bigger identifications to hang around your neck. That’s insane. The name just takes up a fraction of the space, the rest is advertising for a company I normally know, because I am at their conference. I feel like a cow on the alps, but the bells have a purpose (fog, difficult terrain), A5 sized boards around my neck do not.

BTW: The new Gutenberg-Editor of WordPress is pretty nice.

(*)If you don’t know what that is, please stay ignorant. It is somewhat embarrassing.