SocialBizUG trolls … They do have a problem

There is somebody hovering around the Social Business User Group who is trying to sell Office 365 desperately. Last time it was under the name of a british actress, this time it’s interior design: Grace Lilly.

This time he/her/it/them even went as far to build their own WordPress blog. Quick thing, they just installed it and did no customization at all. Will probably disappear in no time, too.
Nice url:
While is in australia, I suspect the „Grace Lilly“ to be from GB. But who cares, the real bad thing is, that SocialBizUG has a problem with trolls. I wonder, how they intent to fix this. They should, if they really want to be an IBM collaboration solutions user group, as they say in the „about“ page.
Edublogs shouldn’t be happy about this either.