… and thanks for all the … Ed!

No, not fish. All the effort to keep Notes and Domino alive. Yes, I think that we have all the give Ed a lot of credit for.
This should not become an obituary. I wish Ed all the best for his future. I think he has earned it, to have lots more fun and success, than what he had to endure during the last few years at IBM.
I met Ed three times, but I doubt, that he remembers me. I have one of these faces people tend to forget in about 0.45 seconds after having turned their back. At most he remembers my comments on this blog.
Not to be outdone by all the other well-wishers that are lining up right now world wide:
Thank you Ed. It was fun as long as it lasted and now go for it and do something completely different. And who knows, you might even try your hand on flying airplanes again? With the Very Light Airplane category it got saver, cheaper and easier. Does not take any more b…s than going into the Alps with a Porsche 911 in winter. With the electronics engaged that is.

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  1. Thanks for that of course I remember. It’s been a great run with passionate people and exciting projects and great opportunity. I am happy to be mostly recalling the positives in these final weeks. All the best!

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