I have been attacked – PART 2

Actually Google was right. There was a serious problem. Somebody managed to install a .php file on my blog.

It is called sys_engine9682.php or in a later version sys_engine4823.php. It contained an eval() statement that apparently pointed to a Czech website.
No fun at all, because I do not know, how they got into it and how I can prevent them to do it again. Could happen, that I have to do everything again.

No fun at all. Bastards. Should have used a Domino blog template.

Ein Gedanke zu „I have been attacked – PART 2“

  1. Having a blog based on PHP you have to have very good security on your sites file system. Don’t use any plugins that could expose hackers like a rich text editor on your site (unless its only available to you). While WordPress is an excellent blogging software a text file based code system is always vulnerable to attack.

    I have even gotten in fights with my ISP because one time my site was attacked at the file system level from another site altogether that was hosted with the same ISP…

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