R.I.P. my friends.

It sucks, it hurts, it makes me angry and I never get used to it. Last week I lost again two pilot colleagues in a helicopter crash.
I do not care who’s fault it is, two of the three pilots in HB-XPQ that crashed last week in Switzerland have enriched my life for a few years. We have flow together, laughed together (you should have seen how high Catherine jumped, when I approached her silently form behind and made „Buh“), cooked together and had our fights.
I will not go into the usual mantra „but they were such experienced pilots“. Something went wrong and they hit a cable, period. Alex was a CFI and Examiner, CEO of Heliswiss, Catherine CPL and a shrink (The shrink on a stick). They knew how to conduct a safe flight and it still happened and it happens to the best, too.

Rest in peace my friends. You died the way every pilot wishes to go, only it should have happened 50 years later.
Catherine, in that part of the paradise, that is reserved for pilots, you can fly as much Lama as you want.

My thoughts are with the family and friends.


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