How to make your Mac faster and find out that one is always an admin

My Mac was slow on start up and when running Fusion. Now what? Shouldn’t be like that. It’s a Mac.
Googling around for a while I found those Start up features.
There wasn’t anything important in there except probably that Parallels stuff. I don’t use Parallels anymore. Aha! Away with it.
Then I remembered that I had always the Parallels adapter in the Network configuration. That solved that problem, too.
Next thing, what is running on that machine. Nothing special I found, but then I got a hint from older versions of OSX, there is a Startupitems folder somewhere. Interestingly there where quite a few things in there I don’t use. A whole database server – CubeSQL – which was running but did not show up in the system monitor (or I did not recognise it). Move in for the kill.
It looks like, that Mac developers too, don’t respect the new features in OSX all the time. Which is no wonder, since it is hard for everybody to stay up to date with all the new stuff Apple is throwing at us lately.
Oh wonder. My trusty 2009 MP is starting fast again. Looks like one has to do house cleaning once in a while on a Mac, too.
Another thing I think is strange, I am checking my battery health with two different apps once in a while. While the tendency is going downward, the maximum charge varies. It jumps between 93% and 89%. Depending on what? The weather? It’s up to 91% again. Two days ago it was at 89%. Ok, it’s raining.
Notes is doing things again. It does not refresh the inbox anymore. If I shut it down, it hangs on the empty workspace. I have to click a second time and then it is gone immediately.
This week I tried to use Apples Automator with Notes. Funny that thing, but it does not work as expected. I just tried to switch from a browser window to Notes. It fails when it tries to click on the Notes Icon in the Dock. But it looks funny when the mouse moves very very slowly …. slower … even slower over the screen. I am sure I could do quite a few interesting things with it, but not with Notes. Too bad.

BTW: Does anybody know a way to use a Notes view for a serial letter in Pages? (Not copy as a table, I know that one)