Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year …

Towards the end of the year, or right before LotuSphere Connect, I feel the urge to write about what I hope to see the next year. Not what I expect, because I would be wrong every time, just what I would like to get as a late Christmas present. But this year is different. I will tell you now, what big announcement will be made about Notes at the big yellow bubble gathering in Orlando.
Drumroll please:


Right! Nothing. Probably a few small ones, like Domino access for Outlook thru traveller. One or two little features that make working with Connections easier, but nothing that would change the Notes/Domino world. Or in other words, I don’t expect anything anymore.
There were no news for almost half a year. No road map, no cool feature, nothing.
Once I hopped we would get a half decent Mac client, but no.

Therefore …
Have a nice time. Eat too much. Spoil the kids. Have fun.
See you next year … probably.